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Healthy Won Massage is committed to providing comprehensive treatment, tailored to your specific needs. Along with traditional massage techniques designed to relax you, different modalities are incorporated to restore your health and vitality.

Hot and cold stone therapies are included with every treatment. Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils are chosen and combined to relieve your areas of tension or injury. With the use of a variety of techniques, you will receive the healing needed.
Headache Relief, especially migraines and tension headaches, are one of my specialties. Try to come in at the onset of a migraine so I can prevent it from taking hold and taking over.
High-quality service is my commitment to you. Allow me to meet or exceed your expectations for pain relief and relaxation.

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"As an athlete and cycle racer I train hard for racing events, such as: The Banana Belt, Mt. Tabor and PIR series, as well as time trials, criterions, and other cycle and running events. In order to be at my best, I have recently included Thai Massage provided by Stephanie Lee. In addition to my cardio and strength training, Stephanie's Thai Massage has given my body the missing component of flexibility.... I'm looking forward to a very promising race season this year thanks to Stephanie's massage.  I can now focus on more important things than my ailments my body incurs while training. I highly recommend Stephanie's Thai Massage for a great body balance, no matter what your goals are." -- Kemberlea B., Portland, OR

"Chronic shoulder pain caused my arms and hands to go numb all the time. After just one hot and cold stone treatment from Stephanie, I slept for the first night in a long time, without waking up with tingly hands. Her technique is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. She’s incredible at relieving my neck and shoulder (computer-user) tension." -- Jeannine C., Carlsbad, CA

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